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Monday, March 29, 2010

Our Philosophy

Amid rising general awareness and interest in Indian contemporary art, Frangipani art combines a passion and knowledge of Indian art with the need to bring art within market reach.

Through exhibition programs and an online presence, Frangipani Art intends to make the reach to Indian contemporary art, simple and instantaneous. Our website is aimed at making the art market more transparent and efficient, and pass on the monetary benefits of the online model to collectors and artists.

Our strict screening process including qualifications, consistency and quality of work has equipped us with a diverse and rich portfolio of emerging artists who will shape the Indian art scene in the future. You will find India’s most talked-about artists at Frangipani Art, and you will also find a vast array of budding masters, whose works are reflective of the sheer diversity and talent of the modern and contemporary art practise.

In addition to advancing art in the private arena, we are dedicated to increasing the knowledge, understanding and appreciation of Indian Modern and Contemporary art. We want to understand our audiences better, to improve the quality of their experience, as well as further the contribution of the visual arts, through the shows we organise and the artists we are associated with.

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